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Christmas dental marbella

Dr. Martha Laguilavo

Dr. Martha Laguilavo’s passion for dentistry was the driving force behind establishing this high-end clinic for patients who are looking for high quality aesthetic dentistry.

We speak English, Spanish, Dutch and Russian

Alan Kelly
Thank you again Dr Martha, as you know well ,I was extremely nervous, and you had great patience with me
My procedure consisted of implants ,and I would highly recommend Dr Marta and her staff at the clinic for both the day of the procedure and the before and after care
Her work is carried out extremely professional ,I am now going back to get further implants and bridges

Whitening Teeth

It is a whitening process that lightens the shade of the enamel and dentine by removing discoloration. Almost anyone can benefit. Having a whiter, brighter and younger looking smile adds to your self-confidence. Having your teeth whitened can make you look and feel more attractive. The process is completely safe and does not effect the tooth enamel.

Veneers and Crowns

All our veneers and crowns are all made of ceramics, a natural substance that is particularly well tolerated by the body and is very similar to the natural enamel of the tooth. Both materials are extremely durable and there is no difference in expansion by heat and cold, so it has no influence on each other.


If your set of false teeth are not firmly stuck to your jaw, you might consider the possibility of implants. Your dentures will be firm again. Missing teeth or molars can also be replaced by implants. In all these cases you will eat, talk and laugh just like before.

Angela Murrow Marbella

Dr Emanuel Blog was very professional and made the procedure virtually painless. My face look youthful again. So happy with the results.

Dr. Araceli Calvo-Ryan

Dr. Araceli Calvo-Ryan has been collaborating with Dental Care Marbella since 2017.


Dental Care Marbella offers a leading private Orthodontic service on the Coast, providing a wide variety of treatment for both children and adults.

Our Location

We are at a Temporary Location

We are not at Laguna Village at the moment, so until further notice we will be at the following location.

Urb. Benamara a7, Km 167, Estepona

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Phone: 952 936 552
Mobile: 615 071 563


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